2 Cents A Meal

Here at Glades, we make contributions to a program called Two Cents-A-Meal. The Two Cents-a-Meal concept originated with Presbyterian women to provide an opportunity for individuals and families to participate in a corporate response to world hunger.

Two Cents-a-Meal invites Christians to contribute two cents at every meal, remember the needs of others in prayer, learn more about hunger in your community, nation and the world, and to experience the power of Christians working together in response to Jesus’ call to “Give them something to eat.”

Join us in keeping a small container/piggy banks on the table at home for holding pennies added during each meal. Bring those piggy banks to church each week and empty them in our Two Cents-A-Meal jar! May our pennies and prayers remind us of those battling hunger and poverty close to home and throughout the world.

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