What We Believe

What do we believe at Glades Presbyterian Church?

The Bible is the word of God.

We believe that we are all sinful and in need of the Grace of Jesus Christ for Salvation.

We believe that as Christians we must strive and work towards following Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Through His power and grace, we work towards “sinning no more.” We will never be perfect like Jesus Christ in this world, but we are called to a life striving towards Sanctification.

We are chosen by God for salvation and also to serve Him.

The chief end of human life is to Glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

As a Christian, we must be a part of the Body of Christ (which is the local church) and apart from the body, we can not be a Christian.

We affirm the essential tenets of the church. They can be seen and explained well from the Fellowship of Presbyterians.