Boca Helping Hands

Glades Presbyterian Church is proud to support our local food and resource center, Boca Helping Hands.  This organization offers meals six days a week as well as distributes food bags for families.  BHH also provides help for those in crisis situations. Members donate non-perishable foods to aid in stocking the shelves, and pray for those who will receive them.

One Saturday a month, Glades members join Boca Helping Hands at the Boca Glades Baptist Church to help pack and distribute food bags for families in the area.  The volunteers arrive and situate the tents, tables and chairs for the sign up tables.  Clients are checked in and given tickets for bags of food depending on the size of their family.  At that time, the volunteers pack bags of fresh produce and frozen meat.  Bags of dry non-perishable food are put out on the tables too.  Volunteers assist carrying the bags to the clients’ vehicles for them, offering kind words on the way.  After all clients are served, the process is reversed – taking down the tents, tables and chairs reloading into the truck along with any remaining bags of dry goods.

If you are interesting in attending on a Saturday morning with us, please refer to our monthly calendar for dates.