Our choir has been in existence almost as long as the church. It is a dedicated group led by an even more dedicated choir director and organist/pianist. Our Choir Director is Gretchen Schrieber, and our Organist/Pianist is Renata Trager.

Besides leading the congregation in hymns, singing the Introit, Offertory and Anthems on Sundays, the choir is famous for their cantatas. Each year at Christmas, the choir presents worship to the Christ child through song and story.

Some of the cantatas in the past have been Winter Rose, Together for Christmas, The Mystery and the Majesty, Celebration of Carols, Season of Wonder and Child of Hope. In addition to singing together, the choir members support each other in time of need with prayers, rides, meals or whatever is needed.

Every member’s birthday is a cause for celebration and we share each others joys and sorrows.  During the summer,the choir takes time off and the church enjoys special music provided by members. The choir is just one of the small groups at Glades that binds us together as Christians.

You don’t have to be able to read music to join; you just need to want to make a joyful noise for the Lord.

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